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Back to Halifax. Lane was pretty well behaved, only one major failure. I guess the new staff are used to it now as it was sorted quickly.
A poor night was had by all, well, Xander made £6 in side bets, so some had a better night than others..


So, given the issues we had with malfunctioning lanes at Electric Bowl, we decided to give
UK Superbowl in Huddersfield a try.
It was cheaper - £6 each instead of £7.25
Food was similiar, opinions vary.
Lanes were much better, I think we had one dropped pin the entire two games.
14 lanes, instead of 10
Customers! All the lanes were full which added a bit of atmosphere.

On the negative side it's not as central for everyone.
No speed cameras on the lanes, so reduces the XMas competitions.
No on-line booking, so not as easy to pay.
But the biggest problem is that there were no purple (10lb) balls with holes that fit.

So on the whole we have decided to put up with lane malfunctions at Electric Bowl.

A very close (and very poor) game was had by all.
6 pins separating the top three.


Just missing some tumbleweed and the scene would be complete. Very quiet night at Electric Bowl, which was fortunate
as the only two members of staff on hadn't a clue what they were doing!
They tried though, bless em.
One hiccup on the lane, which meant we had to move to one of the other lanes, take your pick, all empty bar one.


Only one major hiccup on the lanes tonight so things looking up.
Congrats to Maz on an impressive new personal best of 179!! and new second place position in the league.


Shocking! A couple of big improvements, but generally a poor game for most.
A bit of a shake up at the top of the league with a number of places being exchanged.
Congrats to Ryker for winning his first night!

JULY 23rd

A bonus night was had in more ways than one!
New staff made the mistake of giving us a Bowl and Bite and Booze deal instead of the usual Bowl and Bite,
so free drinks were partaken of - thankyou Electric Bowl!
Food came out promptly and all at once for a change...
and, and, and... not one pinsetter error!!!
Things are looking up!

A mixed set of reults from all concerned meaning a bit of a shake-up of the top 5 places overall.
Things can get interesting during the remaining games of the season!

JUNE 4th

The holiday season is taking its toll on numbers,
just 4 of us in a deserted bowling alley.
However, we did get an extra game thrown in for free,
just cos we are awesome!

MAY 14th

A warm welcome to the league to Izzy (it gets easier)
Congrats to Xander on a new personal best! Time for the bumpers to come down yet?
I'll be speaking to the venue before the next event to see whay the intend to do (if anything) about the shoddy lanes.
It will be a nightmare at Christamas if we have to keep moving...
How does Bradford sound?

April 30th

Congrats to Ryker on a new personal best.
A couple of no shows meant that not many people played.
Performances were varied, some making improvements, some... not.
A change to the leaderboard as a result.

April 9th

Well, changing lanes hasn't improved the state of the pin-setters at this venue.
Pins still failed to re set a number of times which was very frustrating.

March 26th

Another poor turnout but a good night was had (even though the bowling was pretty rubbish all round)
Concerns were expressed about the state of the lane we were on (Lane 9) We kept having to re-set the pins as
the pin setter seemed to keep dropping pins. We shall stay off that lane in future.

The poor results above mean the League has a new leader!

March 5th

The season kicked off poorly from a numbers perspective but several Personal Bests were had.
Congrats to Justin Taylor, Mark Armitage and Xander Taylor on new personal best.

Was a close game, it wasn't immediately clear who won until the scores were totted up.
Well played.