Name the film from the scene description below. Also name the music being played during the scene and the artist playing the music. 1 point for each part answer. Total of 3 points per question.

1 A parolee is re-united with his wife in Las Vegas after crashing in a plane.

2 Survivors club zombies with pool cues around the pool table down the local pub.

3 A prostitute goes shopping on Rodeo Drive.

4 Two junkie shoplifters flee security guards in Edinburgh.

5 An american outlaw takes his girlfriend through the countryside on the handlebars of his bicycle.

6 A vigilante cruises New York in a Firebird before intervening in a sword fight

7 6am in Punxsutawney, again

8 Psychotic razor wielding gangster tortures a cop in a deserted warehouse.

9 A diminutive female superhero kills a room full of drug dealers

10 A taxi driver spies on a US justice department attorney while she exercises on her treadmill in her apartment.

11 A conman and FBI agent meet a US politician outside his new casino in an elaborate undercover sting.

12 After killing a ghoulish creature in his house, Vietnam vet and horror writer bags the body and burries it in the garden.

13 One man, inside another man, both get drunk and dance.

14 A wealthy investment banker kills his co-worker with an axe in a frenzied attack.

15 A group of nomadic vampires kill the patrons of a road side bar to educate their newest member.

16 After winning a dance contest a crime lords wife overdoses on heroine.

17 An American tourist makes love to an English nurse in the shower of her London flat

18 Wannabe transgender serial killer dances in front of a mirror

19 Welder and modern dance artist wows prim audition board for place at a dance academy.

20 USS Missouri sets sail to repel alien invaders.

21 Friends headbanging in their AMC Pacer.

22 An undercover detective is trapped in the back of a speeding lorry full of cigarettes as it crashes into cars in the streets of Detroit.

23 A male escort drives his Mercedes convertible on the way to his clients during the opening credits.

24 A naval aviator takes his instructor girlfriend on a bike ride along the seafront.

25 Possessed dinner party guests dance a calypso.

26 A couple make out while spinning clay.

27 Blast off for the first warp capable spaceship!

28 A history of a superhero team shown in flashback from their world war 2 heyday to their fall from grace post Vietnam.

29 Shot dead in the living room of a “made guy” and killed in various other places, mafia goons are discovered dead by police.

30 A schitzophrenic and his girlfriend watch on as credit card company skyscrapers come crashing down.

31 A man dressed as an elderly housekeeper dances whilst hoovering.

32 Falling from an impossible height, a man leaves a message for his girlfriend on her answerphone.

33 A bookshop owner walks down Portabello Road as the seasons change around him.

34 A legendary trucker hides his muscle car amongst a convoy a trucks whilst being chased by an obsessed sheriff.

35 Young martial artist works his way through the Cobra Kais at the All Valley Championships.

36 A new naval ensign carries his girlfriend from the factory where she works.

37 A rookie stock car driver having a hard time in his first few races of the season.

38 A self aware battle droid sings and dances for his new female friend in her home.

39 An antipodean leads a New York street gang to rescue his captured girlfriend.

40 A boxer contemplates the death of his friend whilst driving his car through the streets of Philadelphia.