What do the following items have in common? The initial letters of the answer are included.

Eg. Dot Cotton, Mark Fowler, Phil Mitchell, Ian Beale. CITSE

Answer: Characters In The Soap Eastenders.

Note: Characters in Eastenders will be treated as correct, however to separate tied answers the ones that use the correct initial letters will win.


1)    Shindig, Trash, Safe, Ariel. FE

2)    Skeleton, Baby, Crocodile, Police Constable. CIAPAJS

3)    Barium, Calcium, Beryllium, Magnesium. AEM

4)    Crashdown, Racetrack, Hotdog. BGCS

5)    Mintaka, Saiph, Rigel, Bellatrix. SITCOO

6)    Cupcake, Gingerbread, Ice cream Sandwich, Lollipop. AOSCN

7)    Buttress, Pipe, Fine, Whitworth. BSST

8)    Laura, Melody, Lady Balfour, Rembrandt. VOP

9)    Hamilton, Stanley, Douglas, Wellington. CCOIN

10)    Farina, Fangio, Ascari, Hawthorn. FGPWC

11)    Curve, Torch, Leap, Bold. BP

12)    Shaggy Mane, Chicken Of The Woods, Turkey Tail, Black Trumpet. TOM

13)    Fencing, Swimming, Horse Riding, Running, Shooting. EITMP

14)    Nicholas Cage, Michael Jackson, Michael Lockwood. MLMP

15)    Reach, Vale, Stormlands, North. KOW

16)     Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, Dick Dastardly, Penelope Pitstop. HBCC

17)    Henry, Edward, Mary, Jane, Elizabeth. FNOTKAQ

18)    Chaka Khan, The Bangles, Sheena Easton, Sinead O’Connor. HHWSWBP

19)    Red, Amber, Black, White. UKBAS

20)    Peak, Face, Trough, Lip, Tube. DPOASW

21)    Smugglers Top, Down To The Sea, Demons Rock, Mystery Moor. PWTFFHG

22)    Job, Numbers, Judges, Kings. BOTB

23)    The Visitors, Arrival, Waterloo, Ring Ring. AA

24)    Danae, Jan Six, Flora, Artemisia. PBR

25)    LV-426, Fiorina "Fury" 161, USM Auriga. LFTAF

26)    Sting, Edge, Savage, Bigelow. AW

27)    5th Avenue, Red Door, Green Tea, Mediterranean. PFBEA

28)    Aldaniti, Hallo Dandy, Double Thriller, Point Barrow. FATFFITGN

29)    Engineers Thumb, Copper Beeches, Blue Carbuncle, Speckled Band. SHA

30)    Michael, Connie, Sonny, Fredo. TGC

31)    Margarita, Paloma, Matador, Chimayo. CMWT

32)    Pauline, Pom Pom, Rosalina, Toad. MC

33)    Brill, Dab, Sole, Turbot. SOF

34)    Willie Dickes, Danny Velinski, Louis Sedgwick. MITSITGE

35)    Howe, Royal Oak, Valiant, Warspite. BWWTB

36)    Gawain, Kay, Tristan, Percivale. KOTRT

37)    Down The Line, Double Rise, Universal Trench, Helice. TSD

38)    Farthing, Hodges, Walker, Pike. DAC

39)    Rhabdodon, Rugops, Troodon, Tylocephale. DFTCP

40)    Minimum, Light, Cruiser, Fly. BW

41)    Emma Stone, Britney Spears, Carol Vorderman, Ronda Rousey. TMNAJ

42)    Cat’s Paw, Fireman’s Chair, Simple Simon Under, Oysterman’s Stopper. TOK

43)    Babs, Mystery, Golden Arrow, Railton. CTBTLSR

44)    Kenbak-1, TRS-80, VIC-20, BeBox. EPC

45)    White Rhino, Vaquita, South China Tiger, Amur Leopard. CES

46)    Hanover, Trelawny, Manchester, Clarendon. PIJ

47)    Kermadec, Kuril-Kamchatka, Tonga, Mariana. POT

48)    George Washington, Little Belt, Bear Mountain, Osman Gazi. SB

49)    Champagne Supernova, Standing Ovation, Scorpio Rising, Fire And Brimstone. BCSIF

50)    Alanis Morissette, Whoopie Goldberg, Groucho Marx, Morgan Freeman. AWHPG