In The Beginning

Sonoco Board Mills is a paperboard manufacture and re-cycling company based in Holywell Green nr Halifax, West Yorkshire.
Back in the late 90’s they operated two paper machines housed in two separate buildings.
A desire amongst the workforce to create a gymnasium eventually gave rise to the Sports & Social Club.
Most employees and management were members and everyone paid weekly subs of just £1.
This only recently went up to £5 per month.
For that princely sum you gained access to a very well stocked gymnasium that puts many professional organisations to shame.
We had many annual competitions such as Chess, Pool, Darts.
An on-going Ten Pin Bowling League with bowling nights on a monthly basis
culminating in a handicapped competition at Christmas.
An annual bar-b-que was held where we had a softball competition that was always fiercely contested,
The baseball bat trophy is still on display in the Gymnasium.
Our first year anniversary spawned the Spring Bash and Autumn Blitz.
A night of beer and mayhem held at Elland Cricket Club.

The Decline

Unfortunately one of the paper machines had to shut down and we lost half our workforce.
This had a knock on effect on our income - and hence spending
but also the number of people available to supply big events to such as the annual bashes, softball and ten pin bowling.
We still have our annual pool knock out and many golf competitions are held over the year.
On top of that we have Go-Karting, sea fishing and numerous one-offs depending on interest.
Essentially we can still offer almost anything that our members want to do all at half price or less.
And of course we have our quizes for big prizes!!

The Future

The future is good! It always has been.
We have the funds to provide (within reason) whatever our members want.
2017 saw the revival of the Ten Pin Bowling League which was agreat success.
The Christmas Handicap competition was well attended.
The pool competition has been expanded and we hope to have various pool nights throughout the year.
If you have any ideas for a good competition or night out then please contact:
Adelle Downing, Chris King or Mark Armitage
and we will see what we can do.